Reseña histórica

La Corporación de Asistencia Judicial RM. nace en 1981 luego que se creara por ley 17.995. Es un servicio público con personalidad jurídica y patrimonio propio.

Estos han sido sus Directores Generales:


Jorge Barceló Pinto, Director por el Colegio de Abogados


Sergio Correa Mujica (I)


Enrique Tornero Figueroa


Dora Silva Letelier


Benito Mauriz Aymerich


Jaime Arellano Quintana


Juan Carlos Vio Deconick


María Eugenia Jaña Saavedra


Paula Correa Camus


Alejandra Krauss Valle


Claudio Valdivia Rivas


Rodrigo Moya Oyaneder


Osvaldo Soto Valdivia


Paulo Quezada Alese


Alejandro Jiménez Mardones

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Julia Schemm, who was traveling with her husband and their 10 year old triplets, said she and her family took precautions by keeping their luggage inside their hotel room at Embassy Suites on South Tryon Street overnight. Saturday, Schemm’s husband packed the car. He then went to return the luggage cart to the hotel and get his wife, two sons and daughter.In the 10 minutes Schemm said her husband was away from the car, someone using an “unknown tool” broke into the driver’s side of their locked Chevrolet Suburban and stole three pieces of luggage, which contained everyone’s passports, according to a police report.About $850 worth of property, including the passports, was stolen from the Schemm’s car, the report states. In addition, $150 in cash was stolen, which Schemm said was her daughter’s birthday money.But Schemm says much more was stolen.”They took a trip to Mexico away from us,” Schemm said. “It’s such a feeling of violation.”The family ended up having to turn around and head back official jerseys home Saturday, after searching nearby dumpsters to see if their luggage was thrown away.Schemm said her children had practiced snorkeling all summer in preparation for the trip. She said she is working with a travel agent to get her money back and hopes to reschedule the vacation. The vacation was budgeted to cost about $5,000.According to the police report, a nearby pickup truck was broken into around the same time. Nothing was reported stolen, but damage to the Ford F 150 was estimated cheap jerseys paypal at $200.Schemm said Embassy Suites gave the family their points back, which they had used to book the hotel room. The hotel also offered to accommodate the family for an additional night.
The federal government will pitch in $20 million more for Kansas City’s downtown streetcars, which should improve the project and may provide local taxpayer relief, city officials said Friday. Sen. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver confirmed cheap jerseys china Friday that Kansas City will receive a highly competitive $20 million federal transportation wholesale nike nfl jerseys grant to help construct the 2 mile streetcar system from the River Market to Union Station. The grant is expected to cover about 20 percent of the project cost, and construction is still scheduled to be completed in 2015. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. “This streetcar project will encourage housing, construction and business development in the city, and that will mean more jobs across the region,” McCaskill said. More information on all the grants awarded nationally will be announced next week. Mayor Sly James was also elated. “This is a huge step forward in the continuing renaissance of Kansas City,” he said, adding that the grant underscores the Transportation Department’s